"Upcoming Dragon Ball Z Animation looks like a Pixar movie.  DBZ Tribute is not an official project - but damn if it doesn't look hot anyway.  So far, there are only teasers.  Despite that, what little I've seen has me pretty excited about the final project."

Vice - The Creators Project

"A set of teasers from the upcoming DBZ Tribute are looking slick as hell. Conceived and executed by a team of game designers and creatives, the characters so far look like a Pixar character's dream—or nightmare in the case of the appropriately menacing Majin Buu. We also see Goku goofing around and prepping to kick some three-dimensional ass."


"If you are not familiar with DBZ Tribute, you need to catch up with the fan-project ASAP. The short film started several years ago with industry talent gathered to make a professional-grade film based based on Dragon Ball Z."